Join us for a weekend (January 25-27, 2019) of great music, fun and camaraderie at the Brown County Inn. There will be fantastic performers, ukulele workshops for beginners as well as the advanced player, evening concerts, open mics, strum-alongs and lots and lots of jamming. All 250 tickets have been sold. 




The Brown County Inn has been a mainstay in scenic Brown County, Indiana since it opened in 1974.  The 65,000 square foot hotel, restaurant, and bar became a gathering place for visitors and local families alike.

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Your ticket will include access to all concerts, open mics, and workshops. Sorry no refunds

Tickets are on sale NOW!! Only 250 tickets will be sold, so get them ASAP!


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This page will be growing as we get more performers/teachers.
This list is subject to change, so please stop by often to see who else may be coming

Mike Hind
MHBioMike picked up his first ukulele as a child of 41, having spent many years performing in many different guises; in theater, comedy and in popular local bands. He is a funny, irreverent & spontaneous Bermudian solo artist who performs weekly throughout the summer months all over the island, entertaining the crowds with an eclectic range of songs, covers and originals, from classic romance crooned in honeyed tones to the catchiest pop tunes. He’s been known to burst into song at a moment’s notice… sometimes in the middle of another song. His repartee of covers is enormous, often asking for – and being able to deliver! – audience requests.

Mike’s original songs are filled with a depth of feeling and emotion that manage to touch the souls and capture memories from the widest of audiences; whereas his covers often demand audience participation.
He creates a deep rapport with the audience, evidence of his years of performing, creating a warmth and relaxation that stays with the audience and prompts them to join in the banter.

FuchsBioStuart Fuchs
Stuart Fuchs is a performing and teaching artist who has presented his innovative & holistic music workshops at the top ukulele festivals across the US and Canada.  In his concerts, Stuart’s music is both peaceful and exciting; he balances virtuosity and soul on his classical guitar, ukulele, Native American flute & didjeridoo.  Stuart is deeply committed to a compassionate and holistic vision of music education.  In his workshops he blends meditation, qigong and yoga practice with practical music instruction and soulful improvisation process work – offering a playful and accessible gateway for anyone to bring more music making into their daily life.  Stuart has arranged and performed the gypsy jazz guitar music of Django Reinhardt for full symphonic orchestras and was featured on PRI’s “The World” with his award winning gypsy jazz band “Babik”.  In 2014 Stuart was awarded a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts for his work bringing healing music to cancer patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, where he was a professional artist in residence for over seven years.  Stuart offers a holistic ukulele retreat called “Ukulele Zen” where he playfully blends meditation, yoga and qigong practice with the ukulele – this allows participants to learn how to access a much greater ease when playing.  Stuart is an endorsing artist with Kala Ukuleles and currently tours internationally with the world renowned new age kirtan artist Snatam Kaur.

SeesoNarciso “Seeso” Lobo
He is a craftsman songwriter and infectious performer, bursting with earnestness, humor, and heart. Fueled by a love of story and character, his songs are tactile and immediate, able to coax the listener from laughter to tears and back again with each passing rhyme.

Seeso had almost given up on music, having played every Chicago dive bar in half a dozen bands. After the loss of his girl and his guitar, he happened upon a humble ukulele in Chicago’s legendary Old Town School of Folk Music and bought it on the spot—it just felt right. Wanting to share this newfound joy with the world, Seeso began to upload ukulele videos online. Before he knew it, “Thank You for Leaving Me (When I was Down)” became the first original ukulele song to be featured on the front page of YouTube and has since garnered over 1.3 million views.
The ukulele had saved his musical life. Today, Seeso is a generous and lively “human jukebox” jam leader and featured performer/instructor in ukulele festivals across the country. His unconventional “Pop Rocks” (pop, R&B, and hip-hop rhythm) workshops have been enthusiastically welcomed. He is an unofficial leader of the online ukulele community and a member of the team.

Shruti Nadis

ShrutiNadisBioMusic from the heart. We follow our paths by listening to each other as we throw melody’s to each other to chase. This journey started by a chance viewing of a street busker in Belgium while we were on tour with the Flea Bitten Dawgs. We heard this man playing a Shruti Box. The sound haunted Thom till we returned stateside and he could find one. With both Lee and Thom having a strong foundation in improvisational music helped us find our musical path. The results are Shruti Nadis! Our main focus is doing music for yoga sessions, meditation, and ecstatic dance. The instruments we use are, shruti box, ukulele, dulcimer, bells, hand percussion, overtone singing, chanting, djemba, tri-bongo’s, cymbal, agogo’s, cowbells, and many other rhythm instruments.

Ukester Brown

UkesterBrownBioUkester Brown (aka David Remiger) got his first ‘ukulele when he was about twelve years old and while he learned a few chords at that time he started playing it more intentionally about 30 years later. While reading about how making music makes all the synapses in the brain active he decided it would be a good mental exercise to take part in and he dusted off his old uke and hasn’t looked back. His YouTube channel has over 2300 subscribers and almost 300 videos with many of the videos having tutorials. He calls his website ( “a collection of everything ‘ukulele”. The song sheets he creates focus on classic songs, but he tries to include introductions and verses that seem to have been lost. “I love sharing the ukulele and feel blessed to have been able to teach seminars at several uke festivals and clubs.”

Petey Mac (beginner’s workshop and strum-alongs)

peteyAfter playing many instruments since childhood Pete found the ukulele nine years ago and his life was forever changed. The ukulele brings together his two passions, the love of people and the love of music. For the past 3 years he has brought his joy of teaching and arranging music to hundreds of beginners.Pete utilizes group singalongs to encourage and motivate players to have the self confidence to be themselves and to play in public.


General Schedule for 2019


  • 10am – 3pm MAINLAND UKES will be open (90 W Washington St in Nashville)
  • 3:30pm – Meet and greet in the pool area
  • Concerts in the banquet room
    • 6:45 – 7:15  – Ukester Brown
    • 7:15 – 8:00 – Devin Scott
  • Ukulele performances in the Corn Crib Lounge
    • 8:30 – Sarah Flint
    • 9:15 – Jonathan Piercy
    • 10:00 – Yoppi
    • 10:45 – Heidi Kline & Friends
  • ~8:30pm – Open mic in the banquet room after the concerts


  • 10:00 am –  Yoga with Heidi Kline, and Shruti Nadis in the Woodland room
  • 10am – 3pm  – MAINLAND UKES will be open (90 W Washington St in Nashville)
  • 11:00 am – “Beginner’s workshop” Pete McCarty in the banquet room
  • 12:30 pm – “Easy pickings’” 2 finger picking. Devin Scott in the banquet room
  • 2:00 pm – “Percussion workshop” Lee Kram in the Woodland room
  • 3:00 pm – “Reggae and Calypso for Ukulele” Stu Fuchs in the banquet room
  • 3:30 pm – “Songwriter workshop” Throckmorton Uke Band in the Woodland room
  • 4:30 pm –  Ukester Brown
  • Concerts in the banquet room
    • 6:45  – Narciso Lobo and Brown County Family Band
    • 7:15  – Mike Hind
    • 8:00  – Stu Fuchs
  • Ukulele performances in the Corn Crib lounge
    • 8:30  – Bhatman
    • 9:15 – Meghan Martin
    • 10:00 – Thumb’s up
    • 10:45 – Throckmorton Uke Band
  • ~8:30 pm – Open mic following the concerts


  • 11 am – 3 pm  – MAINLAND UKES will be open (90 W Washington St in Nashville)